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Dieter W. Baeuerle Foundation

„Dieter W. Bäuerle Preis für Grundlagen und Anwendungen der Laser-Materie-Wechselwirkung“

(„Dieter W. Baeuerle Prize for Fundamentals and Applications of Laser-Matter-Interaction“)





Awardees 2020





Dr. Sebastian “Nino” Karpf is a Juniorprofessor for translational biomedical photonics at the Institute of Biomedical Optics (BMO), Universität zu Lübeck, Germany. Before, he was a PostDoc in Prof. Bahram Jalali’s group at University of California, Los Angeles. Dr. Karpf realized a new strategy which utilizes a wavelength swept FDML laser in combination with a diffraction grating to achieve very fast line scanning together with high-speed fluorescence lifetime imaging (the so called SLIDE microscope) [1], spectrally-scanned time-stretch LiDAR [2] and time-encoded stimulated Raman microscopy [3]. Currently, Dr. Karpf and his group develop novel laser light sources, microscopy techniques and apply them in biomedical imaging.


[1] Spectro-temporal encoded multiphoton microscopy and fluorescence lifetime imaging at kilohertz frame-rates, Nature Communications 11, Article number: 2062 (2020)

[2] Time-stretch LiDAR as a spectrally scanned time-of-flight ranging camera,
Nature Photonics 14, pages 14-18 (2020)

[3] A Time-Encoded Technique for fibre-based hyperspectral broadband stimulated Raman microscopy, Nature Communications 6, Article number: 6784 (2015)

Dr. Maxim Shugaev is a scientist at the Department of Materials Science and Engineering, University of Virginia, USA. At the same university, he received a PhD in Applied Physics in the group of Leonid Zhigilei in 2019. Despite his young age, he has an impressive oeuvre of publications in the field of computational laser-matter interactions with a specific focus on ultrafast interactions [1-3]. His interest comprises surface morphology and microstructure modifications, laser generated acoustic waves, the thermodynamics of laser-induced forward transfer, and the generation of nanoparticles using pulsed laser ablation in liquids.


[1] Molecular dynamics modeling of nonlinear propagation of surface acoustic waves, Journal of Applied Physics 128, 045117 (2020)

[2] Thermodynamic analysis and atomistic modeling of subsurface cavitation in photomechanical spallation, Computational Materials Science 166, 311 (2019)

[3] Mechanism of single-pulse ablative generation of laser-induced periodic surface structures, Phys. Rev. B 96, 205429 (2017)